Call for Sites 2017

‘Call for Sites’ for consideration in the Strategic Land Availability Assessment 2017

Surrey Heath Borough Council undertook a formal ‘Call for Sites’ which ran between 1st February – 1st March 2017. The Council has begun preparation of a new Local Plan that will set out an updated spatial strategy for Surrey Heath and guide future development over the new plan period. The ‘Call for Sites’ helps the Council to identify land within the borough that may have potential for development over this period. Sites that have been submitted will be considered for inclusion in the Council’s Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) 2017 which will serve as part of the borough’s evidence base, documenting Surrey Heath’s land supply to 2032.

The SLAA considers sites for housing including self/custom build schemes, starter homes, affordable housing, Gypsy and Traveller accommodation, as well as economic land uses and a range of other development types. For more detailed information about the specific range of uses the SLAA covers, please refer to the Surrey Heath SLAA Methodology, which will be used as a basis for assessing sites submitted to the Council.

Downloadable Pro Forma

'Call for Sites’ 2017 Pro forma – This is the Pro Forma for submitting a new or amended site to Surrey Heath for consideration

SLAA Methodology

Surrey Heath SLAA Methodology 2017