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Bidding opens on Wednesdays and closes at noon on the following Tuesday. To protect the privacy of tenants who may still be living in the advertised properties the photographs are of street scenes and not the advertised names.

If you have not been successful you will not be notified.

Note: Only fill in the bidding form once, you will receive confirmation once your bid has been submitted.

Feedback on previously advertised properties can found at the bottom of this page.

Please note that you must bid for the following properties by 12 noon on Tuesday, 21 November, 2017


Fulton Drive, Bisley

Property description: A newly built 4 bedroom house with a private garden, gas central heating and parking (4 properties are available, 1 bid covers all of them)

Maximum family size: 6 people

Weekly Rent: £328

Bid reference: BR02151

Eligible bidders: Households on the 3 or more bedroom list. Priority will be given to 6 person households and families who are assessed as requiring 4 bedrooms

Pets allowed

Proposed sign-up date: Mid-December **

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Feedback information:

We have not previously advertised any 4 bedroom properties in Bisley

** Please note that you will be required to pay 2 weeks’ rent in advance at the sign-up. If the sign-up is midweek, you will also be expected to pay the rent from the sign-up date to the following Sunday.   Nominated applicants will also be subject to an affordability test and should be prepared to provide evidence of their finances to the Housing Association.


To respect the privacy of tenants who may still be living in the homes that we are advertising, the photographs are of the area, not the available property. Please be aware that when a property is still occupied, it will be withdrawn from Home Choice if the outgoing tenant withdraws their notice.

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Accent Properties Available in the North 

Are you overcrowded?

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If the answer is yes, Accent Housing Association maybe able to help.

We have empty properties of various different sizes available in the North of England, located in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Middlesbrough and surrounding areas.

If you would like more information on this, please contact us on 0345 678 0577 or email us at customerservices@accentgroup.org.

Properties that are currently available can be viewed at our website through the following link:


As an Accent resident, we would be able to assist you with any relocation costs and you would be provided with support from our Regional Offices to ensure you settle into your new area. 


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