Healthcare Waste

Healthcare waste is a free service from domestic households only.
This service is for the collection of:

  • soiled surgical dressings, swabs and infectious waste
  • Sharps / Needles / Syringes

This service is NOT for items such as incontinence pads, sanitary products, stoma bags, catheter waste, home dialysis waste (empty saline and/or glucose IV bags and tubing) and 'peg' and stomach feeding equipment. These items are classified as 'Offensive Waste' and are safe to double bag and put in your grey refuse bin, unless the person is suffering from an INFECTIOUS disease. If you require extra refuse capacity please contact us on 01276 707690


Sacks – for infectious healthcare waste only

Special yellow sacks are provided for dressings and other infectious healthcare waste. An initial supply of 5 sacks is provided. Replacement sacks are provided each week. If you need a Healthcare Waste sack collection:

  • contact us on 01276 707690 to request a collection
  • if you no longer need this service, please let us know


Sharps / Needles / Syringes

A special 7 litre yellow container is provided for sharps - this is a similar size to your silver kitchen caddy. This is the only size available.

If you need a sharps collection, contact us on 01276 707690 to:

  • request a container (initial delivery)
  • book a collection when your current container is full

If you have found discarded syringes, please report this to Environmental Services letting us know where exactly they are.


Healthcare Waste Collections

Infectious waste and sharps are collected on a Thursday. Requests received after 12 midday on Wednesday will be collected the following week.

Sacks and/or containers should be out by 6am, ready for collection/exchange. Please ensure your containers are visible from the Highway

  • If your Healthcare Waste Collection has been missed, please contact us by telephone on 01276 707690.